Mark Dinimal - The Night / Bide - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-032

French label #HyperactivityMusic have an output which is second to none throughout the wider expanse of the underground drum & bass world. They’ve spent years creating a vibe which their frequent roster guests, names both established and upcoming, have upheld. And led by #BRK, a pivotal part of their local roots, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with. This is something which will continue with their forthcoming release from #MarkDinimal, one of the most hotly tipped producers to come through the ranks in recent years. With releases on the likes of #Ram’s sister-label #ProgRAM, as well as many more platforms which have seen him grow a sizeable audience, he remains at the helm of the new drum & bass era through this brand new package on #Hyperactivity.

Picture the track’s summer backdrop and you'll know exactly why #MarkDinimal is onto something with this delicious two tracker featuring the aforementioned ‘#TheNight’, because that's the exact kind of harmony music fans want to hear throughout the forthcoming season. Its lush and intricate synth stabs interwoven with a cleverly designed deep sub bass are the only thing listeners need to get into club mode during the warmer months, or at home when reflecting on the current climate.

#Bide’ picks up where the first track left off, going more into festival vibes with its intro before progressing into a very technical piece of 172bpm art with synths finding a lush middle ground between a riser and a reese bass. These have been mixed down to absolute perfection and are a treat to the ears.

#MarkDinimal with this release offers a fitting ode to that one thing we all miss right now: raving and partying and dreaming away on the beats we all love and crave. And it delivers exactly this, packaged carefully within two tracks.

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