Marcus Tee - A Lifetime of Sound - Complex Records

The new album from Marcus Tee is an eagerly awaited journey from the head honcho of Complex Records.

From the opening track ‘#AcrossTheOcean’, you can really imagine sitting on the beach staring out across the waves as they swell with the sun glinting on the peaks as it sets on the horizon. 

Once you’ve recovered from the ultimate bliss that is the first track, you're led through a long building intro which drops into #ALifetimeOfSound' & features #AbstractIllusion’, fulfilling your mind with a beautiful amen break and rhythmic melody. 

The rest of the album seems to follow suit with the enchanting beats even demonstrating the versatility of #MarcusTees production skills by having more of a funk track like ‘#BigEasy’, which shows where a lot of his influences in music have come from, with some subtle scratching which gives the track an edgy vibe. 

#Marcus even has some outstanding collabs with the likes of Skinley named ‘#Breaker’, which starts off like you might be on a tropical island but dropping into a nice gritty beat which propels you through Marcus’ natural talents, then another with A.R.K.E.D called ‘#YouSaidYouLovedMe’ which is a chilled affair which you could be excused for sitting way back in you chair with your eyes closed listening on repeat for hours. 

The pace is picked up again with ‘#IntoTheVoid’ which is a real stepper with progressive beats that get you tapping your foot and a nice down tuned bass riff. 

#MadeofGlass (Retrospective II)’ has vocals so beautiful you’ll fall in love with them, working in harmony with a subtle piano and violin ensemble which will leave you wanting more from the stunning vocalist. 

#Marcus has also given his already amazing ‘#SunbeamSilhouette’ to Soundcycles for remix duties and it’s a harmonious piece of music that takes you to a special place with its guitar and bass riffs and flowing beats. 

Next up is ‘#UnderTheInfluence’ which makes you feel like you could be in a dark corner of an underground club with its distorted bass line and heavy beat, just losing yourself in the music with your hood up and dancing like no one can see you. 

Old skool vibes are next on the agenda with another collab, this time with Section in the form of ‘#ICanMakeTheSunShine’ with wicked breaks and awesome vocals that lead the tune all the way through to the end. 

#MarcusTee also shows that he bring his talents to House music with the track ‘#WorkItOut’ which has a great rhythm and interesting sampling which makes for a great tune overall. 

A Lifetime of Sound finishes with ‘#TheWeightofExpectation’ which has an intro like the start of a dramatic scene in a movie with percussion that is so uniform you could believe it was the worlds best trained army band carrying out those drum patterns. The serenity that goes with this beat is the melody that floats over it, really drawing the listening experience to a close. 

What a fantastic album from #MarcusTee, this is one to take time to listen to properly and forget about your troubles for a while as you savour this production masterpiece.

Words by Strex @ Nakedbeatz Music

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