Crankin' up the pressure until it's ready to blow, #NeutronicBeats power the heatwave with two new bangers from label boss, #Manga. Summer vibes rule the airwaves with sweet flame and tongue-in-cheek naughtiness to lift the mood and raise the roof. Incredible DJ feedback from all over the globe means there are too many names to mention but #NeutronicBeats would like to thank everybody for their phenomenal support of this release- #BennyV, #PabloG (#KoolLondon), #BadboyOrange (#FormationRecords) and #DJCallide to name just a few- you guys are amazing and we love the way you build the hype!

1/ '#Lizard'

There's an uneasy sense of impending doom to the chopped string sequence and pitch FX in this introduction before #Manga's sense of humour reinstates his authority. If the 'We were just attacked by a big assed..." vocal sample doesn't make you smile then the "That's disgusting" insert is guaranteed to generate a giggle. Manga's evolution always creates a new take on his standard style and we love the way the bass layers to kick deeply and fire hard.

2/ '#DinoCrisis'

Initially, warm air sweeps across your skin, heavily 'verbed snare rim, bird cries and muted trumpet give a sleek, sultry sensation before we dive into an ocean of punchy beats. Immaculate, filtered drum edits compliment and heighten every shot of #Manga's trademark distorted, stuttering b-line. Lashing mercilessly, we're swept out to sea in this irresistible current of hyper grime sound waves.

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