Manga - Guyvers / Trident - Neutronic Beats / NTB051

Label: Neutronic Beats Artist: Manga Catalogue Number: NTB051 Distributor: Cygnus Music Release Date: 19th October 2020

Do you need an antidote to COVID-19? Bored? Depressed? Putting on a bit of weight? Let's face it, we're all fed up… Except for #Manga whose vision is clear, his path focused and his spirits high. Expect a real treat from this double A' side release- it's more powerful than a 747 and slicker than Garnier. The feedback from radio, podcasts live streaming DJ's and everybody who has successfully made the transition is phenomenal. DJ support includes #LoganD, #RoughTempo, #KoolLondon, #TheDJsBiblePodcast, #Upakut, #BennyV, #Callide- wish we could shout you all- thank you! Everything you've been missing is contained inside these ten minutes of jump-up expertise; a vibration and style which very few can master or make their own, let alone patent in the way which Manga has to create his own inimitable and unique fashion.

1/Guyvers Hard as hell from the outset, '#Guyvers' is all anticipation of the sickest drop to date and when it kicks, it slays. The emotive string synthesizers manage to combine tension and pure bliss while filthy FX layers and heavily processed manga vocal rip build the pressure to blowing point. "Now we can finish them both at once…" becomes a mantra for the way you're going to feel by the time the track's done! Hedonistic in the extreme.

2/Trident #Trident has a very similar feel to #Guyvers in the old skool synth strings, evoking a nostalgic sense of baking hot clubs back in '95… Blood bubbling in delight and feet barely touching the ground. Manga has a real knack for combining the rough with the smooth; threatening vox, pounding rhythms and searing bass sit perfectly with ecstatic melody which gives the effect of chilling you to perfection before battering you to a pulp. Guaranteed to get you dancing your sox off!

DJ & Feature Support: Logan D - Low Down Deep //Callide - Cygnus Music // Benny V - Supped Up Replicant - Viper Recordings // Code Red - Image Musik // BadBoy Orange - Formation Recordings Phantom Warrior – Grid // Toxin - Mammth Musik // Carbone - Zent DJ Bibles Podcast // Jaxx - Rough Tempo // Phantom D - Kool London // Upakut // Kool London Emplate - dnbradio // Nutty J - Kool London // Joshua - DnB Vault // Pablo G - Kool London Twisted // Globaldnb // Nakedbeatz Top Dolla // Keya // Kwik // Dr Fix // Warren B // Krazy D // Sinister

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