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Late September this year #Rido reaffirmed his place within the drum & bass scene, through pushing his own imprint #RidoMusic. Its beginning sequence was ‘#Remember’, a track which honed in on the dynamic path #Rido desires to explore, displaying his full capabilities through his own rostrum. Illustrating the start of the new journey while encircling everything #Rido has built around his career, the discography behind ‘#RidoMusic’ unfolds even more, whilst Malux joins him for the next single forthcoming on the label.

#Malux has earned his way to the leading edge of drum and bass and this was done at the very start of his career. Within the last year he has pushed boundaries and benchmarks through his production, whilst having a stretched catalogue on label names such as #GetHype, #WarOnSilence, #Blackout and #Methlab within his backdrop. #Malux has gained well respected recognition throughout the dance music landscape with his neuro signature sounds, whilst also being known as a multi-genre genius through bass alias #Skope. As he now gets ready with #Malux for their forthcoming single on #RidoMusic, let it be known that this is the first time the pair meet for a much-needed collaboration. A collaborative track worthy of being the next part of #RidoMusic’s discography, it further strengths the shape behind the label.

#Orbit’ opens with an enrapture of heightened cinematic streams and synthesis, capturing the listener in a space bound journey. As the gravitational pull of the track intensifies, you’re drawn into orbit, entering a neurotic asteroid belt. Brace yourselves for collision and expect dancefloor rumbles as going through an asteroid belt is no stable ride. This almighty collaboration demonstrates the limitless proficiency both these producers hold, and why they’re highly reputable throughout the drum and bass world. With ‘Orbit’ joining Rido Music’s growing repertoire, we’re slowly discovering his full versatility.

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