Malk - Ice Breaker EP - In:Deep / IN:DEEP035

#MALK takes the helm for #InDeep’s latest release in the form of his #IceBreakerEP. Though now primarily a Drum & Bass producer, #MALK’s extensive production career began with hip hop and has seen him produce and engineer records for a variety of Belarussian artists, further touring as a DJ as a part of the band LSP. Within the Drum & Bass community, #MALK’s productions have appeared across a multitude of labels including #Invisible, #Kosenprod, #BoeyAudio and more, and his deft production talents have led him to work in close collaboration with artists such as #Nickbee. Now marking his first EP release on #InDeep, #MALK continues to add to his vast catalogue with three further tracks for his #IceBreakerEP.

#IceBreaker opens the EP with a subdued and funk influenced tonal palette, merging its smooth sub bass with a set of syncopated upright plucks to imbue the track’s low end with a uniquely timbred character. #Blow follows this with a sequence of sparse sonic pulses, which reverberate throughout the tracks atmosphere prior to the introduction of a rolling drumbeat and bassline that emanates occasional bursts of distorted topline energy. #Move then closes the EP, carrying forwards its theme of sparse and selective arrangement as the warped sounds of the track’s bassline wrap around the impacts of its deftly crafted drums.

Marking #MALK’s return to #InDeep, #IceBreaker displays a syncretic merger of #Malk’s exacting auditory craftsmanship with the label’s sonic philosophy, resulting in a three track EP that expertly utilizes the full potential of its stripped down production.

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