It is with great pleasure and an immense honor that we announce the next artist releasing on our #EKOU label! After his "#Ouvre" LP on Metalheadz we are stoked to have #Mako on our list of next releases! #UtopiaMusic's owner has been delivering excellence in his productions for a very long time now and he has been consistently feeding the public pearls of sound being dropped not only on his own imprint as well as in labels such as #Metalheadz, #Symmetry, #SoulR and #Dispatch, just to name a few.

One does not need to be an expert to understand that his sound and the labels that have been spreading it across the world form the cornerstones of Drum and Bass as we know it today. We couldn't be happier and we are very proud to have this Don working with our brand. Mako delivers #Confliction and #AprilSun and as you would expect they do not disappoint! Both of them throw the listener back to the good old days where the sound signature that was released in labels such as #Quarantine and #CommercialSuicide was the law!

The old school is brought to you at it's finest. A journey back in time brings us the sounds with which a lot of us grew up with in a single that will be released in July of 2020!

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