Madcap & Ricky Force: The Alliegiance Project - Mac 2 Digital / MAC2DIGI025

Mac2 Recordings is a concoction of the old school and the new school, bringing together the elements which have given drum & bass its longevity whilst being spearheaded by the ground-breaking DJ Randall. A legend in the game, Randall has been heralded as the inspiration for Andy C, with his label reflecting the years of expertise he’s garnered both behind the decks and within his studio. But it’s not just his own productions which have lined the catalogues of Mac2, but also the artists he’s added to their ranks, who pay tribute to the sounds which set the foundations for drum & bass, which have been refined and that are now heard in sets globally, within the world’s every corner. Mac2’s forthcoming release is the perfect reflection of that fact.

Madcap and Ricky Force are the set of producers who take the reins for Mac2’s next chapter, channelling the vibes which have made Mac2 so notorious. Madcap provides the EP’s starting point, following his releases on labels Good Looking, Creative Wax, Soul Deep, Step Back Sessions and Liquid V, now returning to Mac2 for another deeply grooved offering. ‘Moroccan Sun’ is filled with scuttling, sweeping bass layers which build into the stepping drop of its intro, alongside old-time spoken samples which add to the track’s antiquity. Ricky Force is next to take centre stage, with the Dublin based jungle producer drawing for ‘Whats Up’, following in quick succession on the EP’s track list. ‘Original Strut’ once again takes you down into the deep world of contemporary jungle, alongside strutting drum patterns and switching breaks. Then ‘Mortality’ is delivered by Ricky Force, for his second offering on the EP, highlighting yet again his enviable standards and a penchant for hard-hitting drum & bass.

Drawing to a close, the EP demonstrates a new era for the sounds which Randall has reigned supreme over since he first paved his way within the scene. And with help from artists such as Madcap and Ricky Force, there’s a plethora of talent waiting to be exposed in its corridors.

Juno Exc: 20th Apr

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