Lights Out (L 33 & Coppa) Sorcery / S.E.A.L.S - Lights Out Audio / LO001

Announced by the trend setting platform #UKF, #Lights_Out has become a hotly tipped collaborative project which sees two of the most heavyweight figures in the drum & bass world’s darkest corners join forces for a ground-breaking merging of talents. Known through his pivotal part in #Eatbrain’s super-league, the Bulgarian stalwart #L_33 has received pride of place amongst many of the scene’s biggest platforms, including #Andy_C’s ‘#Nightlife_6’ and Drum & Bass Arena compilations as well as #Ram_Record’s sub imprint #ProgRam.

#MC_Coppa is the other half of the Lights Out syndicate and since his Coppa Live touring circuit, he’s become the notable face for many Eatbrain nights globally, showcasing his lyrical prowess and stage presence on huge festival stages. The announcement that MC Coppa and L 33 are merging their talents has set anticipation for their first release; ‘#Sorcery!’ and ‘#SEALS’ are the first look into what they have forthcoming throughout 2019 and beyond, with both representing a formidable launch pad.

The single’s A-side ‘Sorcery!’ certainly sets the tone and it creates a landscape which drags you into its snapping claws, leaving you no time to escape. The cut-throat bassline striking through the heart of this track is typical of the L33 sound, one which he has become renowned for and a signature which has earned him a staggering audience. Coppa adds his crooning vocals into the mix and as a result, you’re made aware of their harmonious co-operative might.

The reverse features ‘S.E.A.L.S’, this time taking you down a route which sees L33 flip the switch and deliver a more half-time motion, gearing you up for a second drop after the first catapults you into its first raucous breakdown. Once again L 33 gives a masterclass in production, pedalling his encompassing atmospherics which draw in Coppa’s punchy vocals. Coppa and L 33 go straight for the jugular although this can only be expected from a pair who each have their own formidable place within the drum & bass scene. They are continuing this assault throughout 2019, with ‘Sorcery!’ and ‘S.E.A.L.S’ being the beginning of a journey which will see them become a definitive force yet again within the neurofunk subgenre.

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