Kumarachi - Become Dust / Sirens - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC089

#Kumarachi – described as one of the best kept secrets in drum & bass and this new single demonstrates why. Although, since he began his career in music production he's stretched his career across a variety of electronic genres, including dubstep, already making a name for himself. His break out into the 140bpm genre saw him nestle within the ranks of Tempa, an imprint who helped lead the way to its notoriety. The ‘#DubstepAllstars' release signified a beginning for #Kumarachi and a paving stone for his eventual turn to a higher tempo.

He's now found a home at #Delta9Recordings, which has always flown the flag for unbridled talent. Giving complete creative freedom, they've helped to artists like Kumarachi and brought their music to fruition. His single “#BecomeDust / #Siren” is a clear example of this and bit by bit you become distinctly aware of why they became interested in an artist who's signified a creative tide turning within the genre.

#BecomeDust' helps to give you an idea of what #Kumarachi is all about. Craftily named due to the sudden turn from its intro to that very first break, prepare to become immersed in his sound and instantly aware that his background has featured heavily within the genre's roots. Second track ‘#Siren' adds a totally different edge, immense vocals in a way that perfectly juxtaposes the fat bassline which weaves its way through each partition.

#Kumarachi dips into a huge spectrum of versatility and if this single is anything to go by, it's one that'll follow throughout the rest of his output.

Follow Kumarachi: https://soundcloud.com/kumarachi

Mastering: TRS (Kodin) https://soundcloud.com/kodin

Artwork: Dinko Filipovic

Exclusive Release date: 02/10/2020 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 16/10/2020

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