Koven - Gold / YES - Monster Cat / MCEP177

#Koven presents the fourth and final single ‘#Gold’ / ‘#YES’, taking you through another exploration of their artistry as well as the talents which pulled Max and Katie together to form the bass music duo. What follows in its wake is ‘#ButterflyEffect’ the pairs debut LP on #Monstercat and one which will drive you deep into the music which has led to a global fan base, world tour & achieving millions of streams online across multiple platforms.

Both ‘#Gold’ and ‘#YES’’ are a testament to the success of Koven, spearheaded by their versatility as artists and demonstrating yet again that their production is forever crossing boundaries, never sticking to one genre. This is something which also shines through during their sets, in moments when Katie takes the mic and her electricity is felt across the crowds she plays to. Like their stadium-inspired music, each set performed by Katie takes its listener on an expedition through sound and ‘#ButterflyEffect’ will be an embodiment of this same ethos.

#Gold’ begins as a more rock-infused opener, before you’re met by Katie’s streaming vocal elements which drive the first euphoric breakdown. Pounding sub patterns and rising synths give an emotive overture to the track and yet again Katie’s penned thoughts are given life through Max’s incredible craftsmanship , with added vocal harmonies from renowned group ‘#ChoirNoir’ , ‘#Gold’ is a very special listen.

#YES’ delivers something totally different from #Koven and it underscores their crossover appeal, whilst maintaining their flare for UK club culture. With a hook that sits beneath each staggered drop, ‘#YES’ oozes with groove and stands apart from their more impassioned records. Instead, ‘#YES’ was written solely for late nights and the dancefloor, only going on to highlight how diverse ‘#ButterflyEffect’ truly is as an album.

#Koven’s ‘#ButterflyEffect’ is about to be revealed to the global market; with a debut performance launching at #RampageFestival, Europe’s biggest dubstep and drum & bass party, as well as a packed world tour locked in for 2020.

Support on all platforms: https://monster.cat/gold-yes Follow Koven Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KOVENUK Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOVENuk Instagram: https://instagram.com/kovenuk SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kovenuk

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