Insomniax - V7 Saxon Street EP (Part 2) - Viper Recordings / VPR184

Following the recent success of #Freshold's (#Insomniax) solo outing #V7SaxonStreetEP comes the second part of his tribute to London’s infamous #Sanctuary and its old school rave origins.

#HowDoesItFeel’, now the third taste of the thematic album, delivers grungy, grime-esque verses and tribal singing, setting a visceral tone for the carnage to come. Fusing together soulful, organic highs with gut-wrenching, floor-rattling lows, #Insomniax have delivered yet another fitting tribute to the old school rave days with a modern punch. High energy, fast-paced, and astoundingly creative, this one is sure to be another favourite for DJs and fans both old and new.

'#LondonSoul' opens on a much more ominous note, creating a foreboding soundscape with an intricate layering of sounds before those familiar #jungle drums kick in amidst the fog. Sultry vocals weave in and out of rhythmic #drums and #amen #breaks, transporting us all back to our younger days with seemingly magic charm.

With two more treats from #Freshold, there is no doubting #V7SaxonStreetprt2 is set to be a seminal record in the #Viper catalogue, seamlessly fusing old and new in a way that will be remembered for years to come

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