Influence Remix - Part 1 (Ed Solo, Kleu, Benny Page & Dope Ammo) - Dope Ammo / DAINFRX01

تم التحديث: 27 يوليو 2019

Following hot on the heels of 2018’s ‘#Influence’ album, #DopeAmmo invites some of his close friends to paint a fresh coat of bass on the first selection of remixes. These updates come from some big names too with the initial batch presented by #EdSolo, #BennyPage, #Kleu and none other than the man himself.

#BabylonFalling’ featuring #TaiwanMC was always full of summertime vibes and fresh for 2019, #EdSolo takes that feel good factor and ramps up the dial to 11. A perfect example of how to add trademark techniques without complicating the original direction. #Kleu brings forth a re-edit of ‘#OldTimes’ featuring the vocal talents of #MartinCarr and this time around, a slab of sinister bass notes that totally mix the feel of the original into something completely different. It works and it’s certainly going to take you by surprise. Original bad man #BennyPage takes control of ‘#Saturday’ in the only style and fashion you would expect from this veteran producer. Sticking with the theme of commercial but credible, this one is certainly aimed at both radio airplay and ram jammed underground dancefloors alike. Lighters at the ready.

#DopeAmmo finishes off the first batch of the remixes with ‘#

Repent’. Whilst the original was stripped back to 120bpm, this one certainly takes it up a notch by going through the grand old time stretching box of tricks a few times. An impressive take on what was something a bit different from 2018 album. Infectious vocals and hard bassline lead. No worries inna dance here.

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