ILLPHAZE - Mind Elements E.P - Train Recordings / TRAIN036

What a year it's been in the world and up next on #TrainRecordings we have the talented and versatile Birmingham based producer Illphaze delivering his 2nd EP for the label.

#Nucleus:- Setting the vibes deep and proper we have nucleus, with strings, pads, percussion and an eerie vocal FX that brings you forward to the drop, booming low end modulated subs & crisp drum work keep you engaged throughout, this one's for the heads...

#CounterIt:- East Asian style strings & percussion in this pretty short but epic sounding intro with some wicked vox, this one's not for the faint hearted and a pure DJ tool, morphing sub basses and crisp beats will be sure to keep you in the mix with this one, deep heavy hitting business!

#MindElements:- All the elements it took to create you...crazy to think! Opening up we have an atmospheric orchestral intro with some sick vox work for the title track of the EP, rollin' deep vibes on the drop with a tight drum kit and basses to match, this one's a head nodder.

#NightOwl:- Taking it back to the jump up sound that he is more known for, starting off with some jazzy sounding pads and percussion, it almost gives you a false sense of what's about to happen at the drop, then kaboom! The low range moving bass riff

and tight signature drums keep you in the zone!

#NoChoice (2020 Lockdown remix) Rewind back to 2014 and Illphaze released a track on "#TogetherAsOnevol2" V/A EP called No Choice. If you know about this track then you know it tears down any dance! And this is the 2020 re-lick so we hope you enjoy all the same...

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