Hystatus - Duh / Inflow Cycle - Delta9 Recordings / DLT9012

Next up on DLT9, the new Delta9 Recordings sister label, is a 2 track single from upcoming UK/Belgium duo Hystatus!

Both ‘#Duh’ and its reverse collab with belgian producer #Glÿph#InflowCycle’ manage to encapsulate a hard-driving production standard alongside the type of vibe which detonates the crowd of any club night.

The single’s A-side, ‘#Duh’ is a pervasive track, one which begins with a futiristic synth layer before quickly growing more and more intense with every segment of elements. You’re taken along for the ride on top of its chaotic bassline and before you’re immersed in the full complexity of #Hystatus' production. On the flipside, you’re introduced to the collab alongside the Belgian duo #Glÿph

#InflowCycle’ features a meandering bassline, one which zips and flies between every pattern of shattering bass loops. #Glÿph and #Hystatus grind further and further into an intricately layered mix, underpinned by thumping sub bass and greedy swathes of static. Each sonic stab goes on to create an intimidating force, one which grows stronger with every well-engineered segment.

Make sure to grab this one, play it loud and follow this amazing producer!

Follow Hystatus: https://soundcloud.com/hystatus

Follow Glÿph: https://soundcloud.com/glyphdnb

Mastering: TRS (Kodin) https://soundcloud.com/kodin

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