Hybrid Minds & Fred V - Drowning In You - Hybrid Music / HM017

In recent years, there are two acts who have consistently stood at the forefront of the liquid drum & bass scene: #HybridMinds and #FredV. Each has established a global reputation for powerful, musical D&B, with their sound becoming inextricably entwined into the DNA of the genre.

Now for the first time, we get to hear what happens when #FredV teams up with #HybridMinds. As you'd expect, the resulting track, '#DrowninginYou' is nothing short of instantly bewitching.

As the HM boys say, “We have been fans of Fred for years. He's always been a very melodic and talented producer so we were hyped to work together and felt it was a good match. Fred sent over an amazing chord progression and vocal and we went from there.”

#FredV's as well-known for his vocals as for his production, and his performance on '#DrowninginYou' is a perfect display of his ability to infuse melody with heart-wrenching vulnerability.

#HybridMinds are the first producers I’ve collaborated with since becoming a solo artist”, Fred says, “I’m super happy with how '#DrowninginYou' has turned out and I think it’s probably the best vocal I’ve sung. Seeing how the guys have blown up over the last two years has been awesome as I’ve always been a big fan of their work. I’m looking forward to seeing how our tune is received!”

This new single is sure to captivate existing followers of both acts, however, if the reaction it has received at festival shows across the summer is anything to go by, it will also open the door to a whole new legion of fans as well.

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