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"#HoldYourBreath" is the second single from the "#LightOfTheFearless", #Hybrid's fifth artist album.

The single once again brings together UK-based, Mike and Charlotte's passion for combining emotionally powered cinematic pieces with astute, intricate and intelligent electronic production.

The seven track release comes with a brand new set of remixes. We open up with a brand new version from #Hybrid themselves. The #Hybrid "#FakeEurosRemix" strips back the melodic song structures of the original and goes straight for the breakbeat, hi-energy jugular. Darting arpeggios, crunching beats and the even occasional rap make this one a real treat.

Jumping next onto an electronic tip UK based #D_Ramirez delivers a duo of mixes which go down the low slung house avenue. It wouldn't be #D_Ramirez without the detuned synths and of course they make a devastating appearance. Diverting into the drum and bass arena UK based #Vorso takes the reigns for his version. Tension, groove and just the right amount of controlled musical aggression power his two versions along.

There is a short film for "#HoldYourBreath" and it really is something quite special. An assembled team of Hollywood greats have put together an 8 minute epic starting #JamesPurefoy (#TheFollowing, #AlteredCarbon, #Rome, #HighRise), Academy Award Winning Director, #JohnStephenson (#AnimalFarm, #DarkCrystal, #JimHenson's #CreatureShop), Director of photography, #MikeBrewster (#GuardiansoftheGalaxy, #HarryPotter) and the film crew from Star Wars to create this widescreen short film.

Light Of The Fearless is available on CD, Download and now limited edition 2 x LP Red Vinyl. Hold Your Breath is available on CD Single and Download.

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