Full Kontakt & Vegas - Need It - Bad Taste Recordings / BT139DD

The UK based trio join forces once again with their seriously explosive summer hit - #NeedIt. A catchy nostalgic look back to the early days of raving.

Following up to their previous excursion on the dark and deadly #Terrahawk that took the dance floors and airwaves by storm. Clawing at your ears with every bar and enjoying a huge support from right across the scene. A momentum continued on from where they had first set sail together on their infectious single #ToppaTop, which featured the vocal delights of the two and only #RaggaTwins.

#FullKontakt & #Vegas teaming back together for this, a more gentle melodic piece of history in the making. Fulfilling their love and need for something positively charged during this time of mental torture. Something softer and less Neuro driven for those long hot summer months, delivering you a cool concept of deep soulful reflection.

Already being played numerous times on #BBCRadio1, #NeedIt has caught the attention of many and is being eagerly awaited from the #BadTaste stable.

Without limitations and with a completely open mind towards the Drum & Bass that they love with a passion, these guys have no boundaries for a bright new future. Stopping at nothing to create surprises, twists and turns, causing chilling goosebumps along their versatile pathway.

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