Forbidden Society Releases His Liminal Point LP

#ForbiddenSociety has embodied what it takes to be an independent artist in the digital world. A label owner, head of a clothing line and a DJ, he’s proved himself to be a multi-faceted part of the drum & bass community, something which has carried through into his music. As well as being part of the hard-lined trio #3RDKND, his solo work has also gained him recognition. However, since his ‘#DeadboxEP his music has taken a different route, featuring a more stripped back sound with minimalist roots, a change in direction which has been heralded by tastemakers. And this is something which is set to continue with a brand-new album, set to drop on his self-titled #ForbiddenSociety imprint.

#LiminalPointmakes a return to the sounds which the Czech producer first started to explore throughout his ‘#DeadboxEP. From the ruminating, rolling drum strokes of ‘#BottomCheck, the percussion heavy sounds of ‘#Pin, to the half time breakdowns of ‘#NoBoundariesand the winding rhythms of ‘#SoldoutEgo, you’re taken deep into #ForbiddenSociety’s murky world. ‘#Dreamcatchercontinues the track list, building an ethereal soundscape with ghost-like samples, whilst ‘#SwampRave’ is more reminiscent of the producer’s cross breed roots. Title-track#LiminalPointfocuses on a more melodic, rising synthesis meanwhile tracks ‘#Explorerand ‘#DeathBorntake you through different subsections of the drum & bass genre. Once again, #AlwaysImperfectmakes a return to the half-time vibes although this time with a disjointed twist, followed by a more liquid themed offering in the form of ‘#OceanofThoughts. ‘#Peakswith its bass heavy distortion and the 140 edit of#DontStopalongside #KillaP then draws the LP to a close. It proves the album is one of #ForbiddenSociety’smost versatile deliveries to date, further highlighting his artistic self-discovery.

#ForbiddenSociety continues his quest and does so successfully, while remaining independent.

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