Felix Raymon ft. Jamal Dilmen - Lonely Now / Ego - Addictive Behaviour / ABREC43

#AddictiveBehaviour’s next instalment sees a welcome return of the musically gifted #FelixRaymon supported by the talented vocal licks of #JamalDilmen. #Felix’s humble beginnings with #Addictive kicked off in 2018 alongside local Bochum based producers and good friends Smuskind, collaborating on their breakthrough #HydroEP. Following this #Felix made numerous appearances on #Addictive compilations etching out his own unique tech-fused melancholic sound before dropping his debut solo EP, #BadTrip.

Now he’s back with two cuts that express the deepest liquid tones we’ve seen yet from the rapidly ascending producer. Opening the release with #LonelyNow, a real summer warmer, building its momentum with chord progression and peaking into a spine tingling mix as the subtle urban lyrics of #JamalDilmen rain down upon the chest pounding subby waves. On the flip is #Ego, another liquid drenched roller but characterized with #Felix’s more familiar tech growls and gravelly vibes, again complimented with vocals from Jamal but with a slightly more sinister undertone.

Since #Felix’s debut EP on #AddictiveBehaviour he’s music has been turning heads with each and every release. Tipped as ‘one to watch’ by the likes of #UKF and it’s no wonder why listening to these two top class productions. You can be sure to expect a whole lot more from #FelixRaymon in the future.

Beatport Exc: 4th May

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