Eddy Seven Releases Brand New LP R-Evolution

Holding the titles of both taste maker and curator, #EddySeven is about to unleash his biggest body of work to date on veteran #DJHatcha’s platform, #Hatched. One of the leading dubstep record labels, #Hatched has time and time again presented the very best of what the genre has to offer, and its addition of #EddySeven’s forthcoming LP into its catalogue will reinforce this fact.

From his early beginnings on household names such as #RamRecords, #WheelAndDeal, #Subway, #PhillyBlunt and #TempaRecords, as well as founding the renowned #UpriseAudio, over the years #EddySeven has built a rich musical profile for himself. With guest spots on #RinseFM with #Youngsta and #NType, alongside sets at the pivotal #Fabric club in London and #OutlookFestival, his music has been debuted to crowds across the world. It is this same fan base who have been waiting for this forthcoming LP, following in the steps of his first album ‘#Evolution’, which was heralded by critics, receiving a feature in #Mixmag for best album.

#R_Evolution is another expansive look at #EddySeven as an artist. Including collaborators such as #JMan, #PollyYates and former #Pendulum #MCBenVerse, it takes you through a journey of the contemporary sounds which #EddySeven has packaged for this release. From the expansive soundscape of tracks such as ‘#AllSeeingEye, through to the low rumbling subs of tracks like ‘#Junction, the producer takes you through his murky discography with a fresh ear.

This is the fourth album from #EddySeven and it’s one of his most ground-breaking. Although when looking at his decorated history, both as a music creator and a DJ, this was sure to be the only outcome. #R_Evolution stands as another part of #EddySeven’s ground-breaking artistry.

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