Dutta - LA Kush Cake EP - Digital Terror / DTR078

Moving from strength to strength with artists from both sides of the pond, #DigitalTerrorRecords continues to advance it’s quest for the heaviest bass on the planet. With the year coming to a close #DTR saves some of the best bangers for last with its next release being a welcomed return from none other than #Dutta. Breaking outside of the box since the days of ‘#CaliSpaceship’ and ‘#SelectTheElected’, #Dutta has amassed glowing reviews for his work releasing on multiple labels and consistently spawning new ideas before the last has had a chance to exit his mind. Quickly advancing with unique production style that’s hazy and rude, his travels on the international DJ circuit seems to have left a heavy influence namely: The West Coast—making a fine return to #DTR on the #LAKushCakeEP.

Marching into the fray with the first track ‘#Painkillers’, #Dutta pulls out a plucked synth that plays like raindrops of acid, fluttering atop a beefy low-end and sharp drums effectively bringing an updated take on the wonky sound. Not for the faint of heart ‘1608’ combines a spooky melody and an atmosphere thick with eerie soul right before pulling you in for a weighty mix of screw face inducing beats and gun finger raising mid range. ‘#ThePain’, sees a collaboration with producer #SL8R twisting into a dragon awakened — breathing fire into massive distorted bass notes and creatively paired against layered piano stabs and shredded vocal samples. #Dutta rounds out the EP with a crowd commanding reese bass banger on ‘#LAKushCake’. It’s hypnotic vocals pan around the room with percussion to hold the dance floor at a steady pace, proving Dutta is one of the fastest rising stars in the DNB circuit.

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