Dunk - Dirty Handz EP - Impact Music / IMPCT034

Best known to listeners as one half of the #Playaz-signed jump up duo #JamThieves until recently, São Paulo drum and bass DJ/producer #Dunk has rapidly risen to prominence in his own right since launching his solo career at the start of the year.

Already a whopping nine releases deep, the Brazilian beatmaker has been able to dabble in a wider range of styles of drum and bass than we’ve ever heard from him before, specialising in dingy, minimal cuts. Following in the same vein, he makes his debut on Lyon label #ImpactMusic this October with the four-track #DirtyHandzEP.

Enthralling from its first notes, title track “#DirtyHandz” (feat. #BlackOpps) is a jazzy, rap-infused number, sampling an iconic slice of noughties hip hop before breaking into pared-back drops marked by ultra-deep sub-bass and snappy snares. “#HighJump”, meanwhile, opens with atmospheric fuzz and clattering foley sounds, creeping into a vivacious crescendo pierced by tense bass growls and sprinkled with shimmering hi-hats.

Past the halfway mark, “#Strategy” takes the project in a more cinematic direction, with swirling sound effects leading into a juggernaut of a drop, dominated by throaty basslines and relentless drum programming. Seeing out the EP in style is “#Shakedown”, an equally amped-up affair centred around careening sub-bass, offset by gritty synth stabs.

Overall, it’s yet another triumph for the seasoned producer, proving that with or without his fellow #JamThief, he’s a more than capable craftsman of myriad styles of drum and bass and a welcome addition to the #ImpactMusic roster.

Follow Dunk: https://soundcloud.com/dunkdnb

Follow Impact Music: https://soundcloud.com/impactmusicdnb

Exclusive Release date: 02/10/2020 (Beatport & Bandcamp)

Global Release date: 16/10/2020

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