Dunk - Deep Shadows EP - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-029

With #BRK leading the charge, renowned for his influence across the French scene, #HyperactivityMusic has grown to be one of the defining faces of the European independent drum & bass market. Release after release they have paved the way to their success and for the last two years they’ve exploded at an astronomical weight, bringing with them the artists who act as pillars for their brand. They’ve also beckoned a wealth of new talent into their midst, alongside the French producers who have provided the steppingstones to actioning Hyperactivity as a globally revered platform. But for their next release they welcome #Dunk, one half of the infamous #JamThieves, who’s already paved his way through releases on #Playaz and through support from the likes of #Noisia on their acclaimed radio series. This signals why he’s been picked up by a label like #Hyperactivity, considering the imprints critical reception and the profiles they’ve grown through putting out such a high calibre of music.

The ‘#DeepShadows’ EP from Dunk will align you with his sounds, especially if you haven’t already been introduced to his refined repertoire. The title-track sets itself out first, with rolling bass notes and quaking subterranean levels which split its composition. ‘#TimeBomb’ follows suit and it’s just as quick catching with its crafted grooves, focusing more on its percussive layers as it grows to be more overbearing whilst pushing its impact. ‘#OZ’ continues the ride with clapping snares that lend to the track’s textures, meanwhile maintaining the levels which would shatter club speaker stacks on detonation. Then pulling up last is ‘#GetOut’, with producer #Yatuza also offering his techniques to fasten a record which has patches of weighty bass layers, the type to creating a stamping motion as you’re taken up into every one of its drops.

#DeepShadows’ is a darker route for #Hyperactivity, but one which sees the addition of #Dunk’s genius. And it’s this genius which keeps the music fresh on #Hyperactivity, as it remains in its top tier place for 2020.

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