Dub Elements - Wobbledah EP - Korsakov Music / KRSKV011

Spanish badman producing duo #DubElements unleash upon the world their brand new sound in the form of #Wobbledah EP, a resounding evolution on their already remarkable and unique sound that's been developing and changing over the course of an already long and illustrious career. Partnering up with #KorsakovMusic for their next releases, #DubElements leave no prisoners with their 5 track opus on the label nominated for #BestNewcomer Label at the #DnBArena awards this year. It seems the eclectic duo from Spain have gone full new wave UK style dnb and with utter conviction too! The title track couldn't have a more fitting name as it's cleverly and unique crafted wobbly synths slap you dead in the face, only for #KorsaShake to drag you down into the deepest part of #DubElements' newly found sound. A track called #KillingAUnicorn can't be soft but this one will not just slap you but also really surprise you on the drop, as will all the sudden heavy synths of arguably the most UK style track on the EP, #DontYaStand, a track sure to make crowds around the world scream out loud when dropped. Closing their debut #KorsakovMusic EP is #Rave, a track that truly honours it's name by sounding like something you'd wanna hear in a dark, grim, sweaty venue in 1995. It's dark old school rave synths and heavy rolling drums will leave no dancefloor standing. With another EP already planned on the hyperambitious Dutch label it's only the beginning for Dub Elements' new found sound.

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