Double Helix - Foreshadow EP - IN:DEEP Music / IN:DEEP036

#DoubleHelix makes his #INDEEPMusic debut with his #ForeshadowEP, which brings four further tech focused tracks to the fore from the rising Austrian producer within its sharply focused span. The #ForeshadowEP follows in the wake of recent releases from #DoubleHelix across labels including #Delta9Recordings, #T3K, and #YouSoFatDeepRecords, further marking #DoubleHelix’s place as a rising artist within the most technical edges of the drum & bass scene. The #ForeshadowEP is opened by its title track of the same name, which draws on this nomenclature in the creation of a sonic palette that displays #DoubleHelix’s abilities with deft restraint, hinting at the unbound of this ability yet to come over the undulations of its low end frequencies. #Trashmapper follows next as the first of such unrestrained expressions, diving into a deep staccato bassline set against the syncopated stabs of the track’s funk fueled horns. This theme is then iterated on within the aptly titled #Exodd, which snaps with elastic tension between a set of distorted bassline impacts and the brief moments of silence left in the wake of their presence. #Crucible then brings the EP to a close, setting the EP’s shared tonal elements within a massive sonic space evocative of its name, allowing its piercing tonal snares to echo into the distance from the full frontal frenzy of its flurrying drums. With the #ForeshadowEP, #DoubleHelix displays a set of audio sequences intricately bound by their shared sonic character, thus crafting an EP that stands as a single work in addition to a set of four disparate tracks. In doing so, #DoubleHelix makes a decisive debut on #INDEEPMusic, which provides a fitting home for a work of such focused intent.

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