DOt. & cømpiler - Instance / Polymorphism - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC085

Just after #Temam & #Vici's debut single, #Delta9Recordings is back with even more fire for the decks to light up the situation.

We are thrilled to welcome to the label not just one, but two names on a lot of peoples lips at the moment thanks to their distinctive sound and minimalistic approach. This collaboration hugs central Europe with one arm coming from Amsterdam (#Dot.) and the other one from Salzburg (#cømpiler) and the two forces combined will definitely make an impact with their powerful blend of minds as much as they already did by themself with their impressive back catalogue. The A side is "#Instance" a track where both artists melt their styles and showcase them into a minimalistic synth driven, soul gushing and techno infused explosion of sounds. This tune might haunt your nightmares as much as it could make you lose your coolness for good on the dancefloor. Don't tell us you haven't been warned.

"#Polymorphism" is a savage stomper that starts dark and murky and drops with a vicious bassline and crunchy transient that will make you lose your breath and control of your feet, absolutely not for thefainthearted! We seriously suggest you to keep this tunes for the first chances of rave, the crowd will thank you while throwing their destroyed shoes away.

Make sure to grab this one, play it loud and follow these amazing producers!

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Mastering: TRS (Kodin)

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