DisasZt - Whistle - Mainframe Recordings / MFR107

Following a triumphant year for #DJDisaszt, which last year saw his record ‘#InAndOut’ featuring #PatchEdison gain global recognition, he returns with another hit single on #MainframeRecordings. The head honcho of #Mainframe, both the 17-year-old events brand and record label which has moved from its roots in Vienna to becoming a word wider powerhouse, #Disaszt has an extraordinary work rate, something which you can see through his own catalogue of releases. But it’s not just the frequency of his output which has turned heads, but also the high levels of musicality demonstrated throughout. #Disaszt has proven himself to be a mainstay figure within the Austrian drum & bass scene, as well as further afield, which is why he’s once again looking to reach even greater heights with this new release.

#Whistle’ takes you back to the hard-lined riddims which #Disaszt tears through within his DJ sets. Juxtaposing his track ‘#InAndOut’, with #PatchEdison’s vocals being its center point, ‘#Whistle’ is aimed more for the dancefloor. Its flipping drum progressions and hooked beats add to its club appeal, although with #Disaszt himself having spent nearly twenty years building the live section of his Mainframe platform, it comes as no surprise that he’d be able to inject this same energy into own music.

But ‘#Whistle’ doesn’t just signpost another addition to the discography of #Mainframe, but also for #Disaszt’s own career. Having spent years helping to create a pedestal for other producers, he’s taking the spotlight and in doing so is expanding his own horizons as an artist.

Beatport Exc: 1st Nov

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