DET, Kori, Maynix, Skope, FLO - Ocha Remix EP - VALE

Four brand new signees, spanning hidden and established talents in their respective scenes, reimagine #DET’s 2019 garage EP ‘#Ocha’ on #VALE. The release opens with Kori’s emotive rethink of ‘#Ocha’, laden with rich atmospheres and beautiful subtleties eliciting a stirring cinematic piece. Energy and danceability defines the shocking remix of ‘Homie’ by the legendary Skope, peaking with an abundance of irresistible grooves and tier one synth design. The vastly underrated ‘Maynix’ expertly reconstructs ‘Ocha’ into an elegant mixture of IDM ideologies with garage dancefloor readiness, creating an imitable composition that will persist time. The EP closes with an incredibly seamless remix of ‘Homie’ by the 140 bpm mastermind FLO, achieving an unparalleled deep and reverberating track that sounds almost destined to accompany the original vocals. With the DET Ocha Remix EP, VALE sets the tone for 2020 and continues to raise the bar for cross-genre experimentation and releases.


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