Deekline & Ed Solo - Bam Bam (Benny Page & Deekline Remix) - Jungle Cakes / JC113

Not content with the awesome #SerialKillaz remix, #Deekline and #EdSolo launched a ton of stems at #BennyPage and asked him to shake up the dancefloor once again with their upfront jungle anthem ‘#BamBam’. #Deekline obviously joins the party and chucks in his signature smashers.

You may think you already know what #BennyPage and #Deekline are going to muster up before even pressing play, but hold tight because they are on a different tip with this relick.

Granted, the wicked female vocals remain and why wouldn’t they - it’s a big chunk of the tracks signature sound. Step past this though and it’s hardstep funk for 2020. No other words can really describe this kind of vibe.

The master of remixes and brand new design, #BennyPage is always one step of the production crowd with his fast acting take on drum and bass and its many forms. Teaming up with his pal #Deekline just takes things to a totally new level, Sleep on this one and your fellow DJs will be streaming it whilst laughing in your face for a long time. #BAM!

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