D-Code & Psylence - Can't Leave You Alone ft. Laville / Just Might Fall ft. Meron T - ProgRAM / 107

Brothers #DCode & #Psylence prove that their collective talent runs in the family, with their penchant for deep melodic grooves and an amalgamation of styles shining through their forthcoming single on #ProgRAM. Having already premiered on the label through their part in its #ProgRAM 100 series, they follow up with brand new selections ‘#CantLeaveyouAlone’ alongside #Laville and ‘#JustMightFall’ featuring #MeronT.

The inversive moods of both tracks, with each providing a drum & bass counterpart, set the tone. ‘#CantLeaveyouAlone’ draws you in and out of its motions through #Laville’s mellowed vocals, which has its tempo flipped for the single's next offering. Similarly, ‘#JustMightFall’ presents a multitude of emotions through its sonics, before it’s given a more upbeat rework. So once again, it’s time to get with the #ProgRAM. One leaving you to bask in the lushness of #DCode & #Psylence.

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