Culprit - Kaos Theory / Point Blank - DLT9 / DLT9013

Next up on #DLT9, #Delta9Recordings sister label, is a 2 track single from young and upcoming London-based producer \Culprit!

Both tunes manage to showcase his high production skills despite the freshness of the artist on the scene, but make no mistake about it; he's coming and he's going all in!

"#KaosTheory" features a mysterious intro that bounce you around creepy synths and haunting drones; each sound goes on to create an intimidating force, one which grows stronger and stronger with every well-engineered segment while you’re taken along for the ride on top of its deep bassline. Before you know it, you've already been catapulted into Kaos.

The single’s B-side, "#PointBlank" is a moody twisted ode to deepness, melodic stabs and bass growls will show you the way towards a different level of conciousness, all you have to do is to turn the volume up to eleven and let the tune do the rest.

Don't forget in the future where you heard #Culprit first!

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