Creatures - Psychodynamics EP ft. Primitive Instinct & Divison - Context Audio / CTX024

We're very excited to welcome young gun #Creatures into the #ContextAudio fold with a short, yet sweet EP that's all killer no filler.

Featuring three cuts, all of equal potency, it’s a fun time for all.

We open with the utter weapon #Transference. It’s classic #Creatures really; big subby kick, wicked roll out and gnarly bassline.

#ArchaicHeritage is a proper deadly collab with fellow Bristolian #PrimitiveInstinct. It’s big, it’s clever and it’s a hurter. Not much more to say really.

Finally the EP features a remix by rising Austrian star #Division who’s put his own spin (and signature snare) on #ArchaicHeritage, turning it into even more of a stinker

All in all it’s no frills, no bullshit, just three top tier weapons for your pleasure.

Exclusive Release date: 30/10/2020 (Beatport & Bandcamp)

Global Release date: 13/11/2020

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