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#ConradSubs is a drum & bass producer from the UK and whose catalogue of music stretches across a wide variety of labels, ones which have helped to carve his place within the very fabric of the drum & bass community. Although it’s the quality of his music which has also ensured his longevity, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by his fans and tastemakers throughout the scene. From #DuttyBassAudio, #GhettoDub, #SubBassPhysics through to #SoulDeepRecordings, there’s a host of names which have hosted the sounds of #ConradSubs.

And the next part of his journey comes through #Nuusic; it’s an imprint that offers a 360 platform as a record label, DJ and events brand for each one of its artists. Born through the collaborative might of Raifiki Dubs, Joe Mac and Jungglah in 2016, it’s risen from strength to strength and when looking at the tracks its released, it’s easy to see why. Whether they’re consistently charting in the top 5 on Juno Download or signing talented new producers, their success has been clear to see throughout dance music.

There are five brand new selections debuted throughout Conrad Subs’ forthcoming ‘Jungle Mania’ EP. The crashing breaks of title-track ‘Jungle Mania’ is telling of what the rest of the EP has in store, alongside its call-to-arms vocal sample. ‘In Check’ is thumping, with its warbling bassline and chiseled grooves. ‘Code Breaker’ is just as aggressive, dropping you in and out of its carefully constructed segments which go on to build a formidable and weighty track. ‘Block Party’ has a hip-hop reminiscent intro, one which provides a brief respite before you’re once again dropped into chaos. Then you’re offered up the VIP of ‘Days Are Numbered’, an already well-loved track which carries you through its winding beat sequences and pounding subs, the type of which lends itself to its impact throughout any speaker stack, aided by its rolling ragga voice over. This EP was meant for the dancefloor and it’s easy to see how through its packaging. Nuusic make another stellar delivery, proving why they have such a revered reputation.

Juno Exc: 9th Aug

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