Cod3x - Rock the Show EP - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN101

The dread legion had assembled upon the spot of their summoning, bound to the place by ancient tonal magics and the shared purpose of their existence. Called to this place they had been by their leader, one who even in death retained the formidable talents that he had cultivated in life. The legion’s gaze centered upon him as he ascended the rough hewn pedestal at the center of their gathering, crafted from an amalgamation of headstones and sarcophagi that had once borne both their names and physical bodies. Trapped within such material prisons no longer, they watched with the unbreakable focus of the dead as their caller rose before them, taking his place within the ritual that would unbind them all from their accursed grave.

The incantation began slowly as its guttural tonalities rung out with supernatural force, shivering the ground beneath the legions feet in rhythmic pulses set to counter the magic that bound them here. The legion began to move in accordance with the thrumming beat beneath them, amplifying its power with their every footfall. Then from the caller came a sound most piercingly shrill, which seemed to cleave the very heavens above with the razor sharp edges of its harmonic hiss. The clouds gave way not to skies but to stars, which bore down light from their otherworldly realms that came to a point upon the caller’s own pedestal. With one final cue, the leader raised up his arms and his legion followed in suit, preparing for the moment that would grant them their freedom. With a luminous flash all present swept their arms down, at the moment of the peak in their crescendo of sound. When the brilliance had faded the legion had already spread far, united under the light of a single rockstar.

#Cod3x leads the EATBRAIN horde from center stage with his #RocTheShowEP as he delivers a trio of his latest tracks for the label’s second triple digit release. Following his previous #IllegalSoundEP on the label, as well as appearances within its Divergence compilation series, #RockTheShow spans the neurofunk spectrum from its funkiest to most tech-influenced ends as #Cod3x shines in the spotlight for the latest release from #Eatbrain.

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