ChaseR - Pressure / Seawolf (ChaseR remix) - C4C Recordings / C4CDIGUK063

#C4C are a record label which has helped shape the fabric of dance music. Since the very start, the late #Optiv and #CZA have endeavoured to stay true to their roots whilst following the trends which have ensured they’ve remained at the very forefront of the drum & bass scene. They’ve done this through a variety of artists, as well as the music produced by the formidable #Cause4Concern outfit, which also set a tide for the darker trenches of the genre’s landscape. And since #Optiv passed, a producer who will be forever remembered for his contribution to the genre, #CZA will ensure the imprint remains at the helm of the underground drum & bass world.

Throughout 2020 their release schedule has been as packed as ever, with many members of their roster, both past and present, offering music to keep the label’s catalogue alive. The next figure to take their turn is Russian producer #ChaseR. After appearing in the discography of labels such as #IgnescentRecordings with his refined, chaotic sounds, his forthcoming two track single on #C4C will realign you with the streamlined sonics which have made him so notifiable.

#Pressure’ has a skittering intro, one which ducks and dives between an undercurrent of ticking percussion and quickly jittering beat relays. As the track drops, you’re taken down with it to basement levels, with subs rattling the mix layer after layer. #ChaseR does what he does best through ‘#Pressure’ and as its name suggests, its impact gradually ramps up as it becomes more and more overpowering.

For the reverse you’re drawn into the murky undercurrents of #Cause4Concern’s ‘#Seawolf’, although this time given a twist through #ChaseR’s hands. He draws ‘#Seawolf’ with his own mechanics and it’s a full-frontal assault on the aural senses, without lacking the dimensions which it was given by the formidable #Cause4Concern project. Breathing new life into a piece of #C4C heritage, as well as adding his own take on its history, #ChaseR is the next torch bearer for the #C4C legacy.

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