ChaseR - Bring Me Down EP - Ignescent Recordings / IGNI001

#IgnescentRecordings began their journey from the very bottom; the Russian based label put their energy into providing a place for local artists to have their take on the drum & bass genre and with such an expanse of talent available throughout the country, they’ve built an undeniably groundbreaking roster. Whether it’s been the sounds of #ChaseR, or producers who are only just starting to make their mark within dance music, their catalogue has steadily grown and so has the reputation of Ignescent. However for 2019 they’ve decided to take a new direction and it’s a direction which has seen them rebrand themselves and stretch further from what they first thought was possible. Although considering the spotlight which has been on Ignescent towards this part of their journey, with the label currently at its peak, this is unsurprising.

#ChaseR, a long-time resident of #Ignescent, is the first producer to take centre stage for #Ignescent’s new path. He delivers an explosive four-track EP which signifies the way which #Ignescent is now walking down. It’s a route which will see them reach even higher climates and as a result, prove their worth amongst the scene’s heavyweights over the coming years. Though, their ethos remains the same – only delivering the best music although this time, it’s especially from the producers who are setting the tide for the outer reaches of drum & bass.

The ‘#BringMeDown’ EP begins with its title-track, one which highlights the neuro-infused flavours which ChaseR cooks into all his sonic work. Following suit is ‘#TechnicalMove’, alluding to its title through the streamlined characteristics of its mechanics, alongside its slamming drum patterns. ‘#SystemCall’ features the same heavyweight engineering, crashing through with the upmost precision. And then you have ‘#Railways’, a record which flows with the same energy as its predecessors but takes you through slightly darker undertones, and twitching bass melodies which cut their way through the chaos.

The EP is another look into what Ignescent have planned for the future. It’s a future sure to be propped up with high-levels of production and if #ChaseR’s EP is anything to go by, it’s an exciting one.

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