Carlito & Addiction - Closer EP - Liquid V / LV080DD

#CarlitoAndAddiction's welcome return to the world of D&B has been nothing but positive to date, with stellar releases on #Marky's #Innerground imprint, #Bcee's #SpearheadRecords and here with us on #V and #LiquidV, and that run continues with the #CloserEP. Brimming with sunshine vibes, this is classic Liquid Drum & Bass, engineered for a new decade, but retaining all the elements that make their style so timeless. Soulful vocals slide over uplifting pianos, bass rattles the subs just the way it should, and most importantly all 3 tracks that make up this EP are overflowing with funk. The year might just be getting started, but expect to hear these tracks all summer long!

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