Burr Oak - Time Has Come - Trendkill Records / TKRUK028

Burr Oak is the new collaborative project from The Clamps and Opsen (formally known for his part in the production outfit Signs). With both parties having already made their mark within the roster of Trendkill, the imprint created by drum & bass figurehead Prolix, their names will be familiar with many veteran fans of the genre. But their joint prowess, alongside the massive body of tracks they’ve already got prepared for release, proves that their output is set to be a turning point for Trendkill. And this is from a label which has had a groundbreaking discography since its inception.

Burr Oak is the new name which The Clamps and Opsen have collided under and their forthcoming, double-sided single will identify their sound and demonstrate the relentlessness of their production. Both ‘Time Has Come’ and its flipside ‘Originate’ are intimidating slabs of sonic, the type of which would be enviable to even the most longstanding producers and it proves that head honcho Prolix has his ear to the ground when its comes to artists with such high-reaching levels of sound design.

‘Time Has Come’ is the A-side and almost instantly explodes through its first breakdown, the type of which catapults you down a winding road of slamming drum patterns and finely tuned hooks. The danceability of this track is undeniable and it rockets into play, only once pulling for the brakes as it drops you into the pair’s expansive sonic landscape before once again, you’re hurled back into the chaos. The reverse is delivered through ‘Originate’, just as cataclysmic as it winds you through its first manic acceleration. Its note flurries and fluctuating bass takes you out into the deep before crazed drums cut at you from all sides. Burr Oak don’t offer up a less aggressive B-side to their release and it gives you an idea of how they’ll be continuing with their release schedule.

This is a debut which no fan of the darker midst of drum & bass is set to miss. Prolix has proven that as well as being a production heavyweight, he’s also a revered selector, with Trendkill’s catalogue evidence of this fact.

Beatport Exc: 21st June

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