Burr Oak - Feel The Truth - Trendkill / TKRUK035

#Trendkill’s history is one which has seen them introduce a wide variety of names into their roster, both mainstay drum & bass artists and those who are only just beginning their career within the genre. #Spearheaded by #Prolix, an artist with his own decorated path, he’s proven time and time again that his A&R flex is second to none. More recently this has become obvious through his inclusion of #BurrOak within the ranks of #Trendkill. Their sound perfectly fits the dark moods formulated throughout the label’s catalogue. Bringing together #TheClamps and #Opsen (known through his part in the Signs project) #BurrOak both breathes fresh air into the #Trendkill Camp and signals the work #Prolix has been putting into building the label as it has grown from its first release. #BurrOak is part of its new era and it’s one which delivers with it a host of groundbreaking records.

Featuring four brand new selections from #BurrOak, their forthcoming ‘#FeeltheTruth’ EP once again solidifies why the duo were brought into the #Trendkill imprint. Title-track ‘#FeeltheTruth’ opens the EP and begins with a deceptive intro, one which lulls you into a false sense of security before building into an almighty first breakdown. ‘#Gokui’ follows a similarly epic soundscape, with static like bass slabs underpinned by rising synthesis, slowly dropping you into the magnetic drums of #BurrOak. ‘#Carotide’ then begins with rhythmic drum, with a robotic, ominous spoken word sample taking you out into the deep. Soon your submerged by the track’s weight. Sliced and diced hooks cut through the chaos and they take you along for the ride. ‘All Alone’ is the final offering and its one which further highlights the complexity of #BurrOak’s skills. With strung harmonies opening up its first sequence, it’s a rolling freight train of chaotic patterns, one dipping back and forth between its growling underbelly.

Together these tracks present another climatic release from #BurrOak. They’re unafraid to cut open their repertoire and prove they’re a force to be reckoned with. One that #Prolix and Trendkill have taken notice of.

Beatport Exc: 16th Dec

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