Brian Brainstorm & Speaker Louis - Soldier Man / Coke & Rum - Jungle Cakes / JC114

#BrianBrainstorm & #SpeakerLouis bring forth a two track smasher in the form of ‘#CokeAndRum’ and ‘#SoldierMan’. If you ever needed an excuse to pump up the volume, then either of these tracks will have you reaching for the dial in seconds. ‘#SoldierMan’ harks back to the mid 90’s with its multi note, single tone bassline that has just the right amount of warmth to compliment the vocal melodies. Bright horn stabs and some big rolling drums are no doubt the order of the day here. A slightly tougher approach with ‘#CokeAndRum’ which is certainly driven by its punchy breakbeat and low end warbles. Another party starter for sure and with it’s memorable vocals, it’s bound to stick in your head for months to come. A welcome upfront jungle selection with a ton of vibes inside the ride.

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