Brain Crisis - Tormento EP - High Resistance / HIRE011

#HighResistanceRecordings is a brand new Drum and Bass label, launched by a team of like-minded musicians with a big experience organizing events, aimed to create a community of musicians and listeners from all over the world and promote new names who show their creativity and gives their energy to this world through music. Making attention on quality vibes. Pavel aka #BrainCrisis is a Russia-based producer and DJ, who has impressive ambitions and his own vision of how bass music works and evolves. He drives his productions to perfection, his tracks make listeners either go mad on the dancefloor or nod to the rhythm. #BrainCrisis already gained a huge reputation on the drum & bass scene, having released on the cult label #SubtitlesMusic, but now it's time for him to deliver a conceptually new sound. This year Pavel has prepared a batch of fresh material, ready to conquer new labels and new audiences. #BrainCrisis has enough music in his bag to amaze party-goers, and the quality of it leaves no doubts. Pavel is leaning towards the deep and half step vibes. Showing great skills, and good taste, he knows how to impress you. #BrainCrisis is ready to show off his Arsenal. This time he prepared A strong mini album with 6 uncompromising tracks with different styles and grooves This music is dark and done in a very experimental manner of the author. Different textures and rhythms. Sobbing and howling with tremendous motives will immerse you in the atmosphere of surrealism. Brain Crisis High Resistance

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