Billain Releases Musical Reimagining of Anime Evangelion

#ThirdImpact’ is an ode to the work of #HideakiAnno and his renowned anime series ‘#NeonGenesisEvangelion’, following the success of his debut LP ‘#NomadsRevenge’ on #Renraku in the latter half of 2019. Channelling the same depth which features throughout the series sound design and compositions, #Billain’s homage builds around the vocals of the late singer #EriKawai, the artist behind its theme ‘#ACruelAngelsThesis’. The sound design which moves around the acapella helps give birth to the ever morphing, captivating world and realities of the anime, although this time through #Billain’s lens.

The record features #Billain’s ‘cyber neuro’ signature, something which he’s become a cult figure for throughout drum & bass and the wider electronic music world. His art is without restrictions, with his own sub-genre allowing him to cross boundaries with sophistication and intelligence. It also encourages younger experimentalists, showing that there’s a home for them too, and just like #Billain, they can step outside of the accepted paradigm.

After already showing tributes to motion pictures of a similar theme, which began with his remix of #AsaAndSorrow’s ‘#TestsuosRedemption’ in 2016, as well as his 2017 ‘#GhostintheShell homage 2501’ under his other pseudonym #Aethek, it once again highlights his influences, which has enabled him to move from the prototype of what it means to be an artist in 2020.

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