AUDIO - Atomize / Glass House - Snake Pit Records / PIT005

#Audio has hatched a place for himself not just within the roster of drum & bass as a genre, but also the labels which provide th elevation of its sounds. After spending decades creating a production level which is inherently his, as well as becoming one of the most well-known figures in the genre, he’s now opened himself up to his own creative space. And following the success of his #Killbox project throughout 2018 alongside foundational producer #EdRush, this year was an apt time to launch #SnakePitRecords. Since it was showcased, #Audio has stuck to his undeniable consistency with records ‘#Ultrasonic’, ‘#DeadStock’, ‘#Darkseid’ and ‘#FrogMarch’. He’s set to follow the first four parts of the imprint’s catalogue with a brand new, double sided single which signifies yet another dimension to his work. Not only does he make a return to the low, growling sounds which he’s renowned for, but heoffers another flavor, one never heard before from the powerhouse that is #Audio.

#Atomize’ follows his signature chaotic, yet streamlined noise, the type of which has filled sets throughout his career. The growling sub bass, the horn-like LFOs and its clanking snares drag you through its first rattling drop. #Audio provides another slammer which would knock its way across any dancefloor. You’re given a quick reprieve before once again #Audio steps on the accelerator and throws you back into the pandemonium. Then on the reverse, you’re introduced to the softer side of #Audio’s character. ‘#GlassHouse’ is littered with the melodies which #Audio has always had in his arsenal but which he hasn’t yet released through his producer alias. With this style now receiving its first bout of airtime through #SnakePit, it’ll be a welcome glimpse of what the imprint still has in store.

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