Askel & Elere - Pulsar / Askel, Elere & Nosfer - You Look - Delta9 Rec / D9REC091

#Delta9’s next release comes straight out of Finland, thanks to the talented duo of #Askel & #Elere.

We're proud to have them back on the label after their recent releases on #MedSchool, #Fokuz and of course last year's #SirenEP for us, which gained tons of support from the best artists in the scene.

#Pulsar, the title track of the single, starts off with dark and moody soundscapes that slowly evolve, once the listener is fully submerged, it explodes in a majestic and dream-like bass line carefully crafted for YOUR takeoff. The second track is entitled “#YouLook” and is a collaboration between #Askel, #Elere and #Nosfer. The track begins without giving many clues on what's next, but slowly plucks and percussions will drive you slowly toward the haunty vocal before the drop. Once all the shyness of the intro disappeared, you re greeted by a fat sub that trust us, will make you move, tight drums and bass stabs will do the rest.

We know you got excited when you saw the names on the promo, now it's your turn to support these talented producers!

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Mastering: TRS (Kodin)

Artwork: Dinko Filipovic

Exclusive Release date: 30/10/2020 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 13/11/2020

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