ALX - Through My Eyes / Rudeboy - Skalator Music / SKLTR021

The 21st release on #SkalatorMusic features a tasty collaboration between Singapore based producer #Alx, along with the immense vocal talents of #MasiaOne and #Magugu, delivering "#Rudeboy", a classic vocal driven, "rumble in the jungle" track.

On the flip side, #Alx goes on a solo tip and delivers "#ThroughMyEyes", a dreamy incursion into deep drum and bass, with a harder edge. This single is quite different from our recent releases as it diverts from the minimalistic "deep sound" and into groovy and dancefloor vibes that 2020's summer surely needs.

Following on previous tracks released on the label (Andrea's Swing, Invert, Babylon Man, Velvet like), #Alx is further refining his sound as a DNB artist, either with collaborations with talented artists or in the form of full blown solo tracks. Expect to hear more good music coming from this talented composer, producer/sound engineer. 

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