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#ASides is a veteran of the drum & bass game, having amassed an extensive audience and one which has kept him on the forefront since he first began releasing music. The international DJ and producer has stepped into the catalogues of many imprints which have changed the genre’s tides, including #Metalheadz, #Hospital, #Valve and #VRecordings. It’s on these platforms that he’s built such a widespread fan base, with every selection dropped through these labels building his history as an artist and enabling him to spread his music to the world. This is something which is set to continue with #Eastside, the label which has enabled him full creativity over his work and has continued his longevity as an artist. It’s through this imprint he’s about to unleash his ‘#FiftyShadesofA’ LP, one which will redefine his history for 2020 and begin a new decade for the producer who is about to see in his 50th year on planet earth. The starting track ‘#Raise’ exemplifies what #ASides is about and that’s cutting-edge breaks and an old-school standard pushed through a new-school lens, without losing any of the quality. ‘#Edge’ is then given the VIP treatment, followed by the next track ‘#Tower’, with winding drum sequences taking you up into every breakdown. ‘#Ribs’ follows with menacing, dark melodies, giving a more futuristic edge to the album. ‘#Imperial’ presents a more grinding motion, one which grabs its listener and takes it along a ruminating journey. ‘#Million’ continues the more jagged-edged vibes, with growling sub basses and static sitting underneath each chiselled groove. The vocals sift through the mix and gives it a lead taken forward by its vocals. The penultimate offering ‘#Ashby’ pushes a more liquid-styled route, with a rhythm that takes you out into the lighter side of #ASides’ production. Then finally, you’re introduced to ‘#Principles’, one which wraps up the album and leaves you lulled by its keyed note patterns alongside waves of synthesis. #ASides once again moves you across the full extent of his sound spectrum and in doing so, highlights why he’s managed to stay on top for so long. ‘#FiftyShadesofA’ marks the beginning of a new chapter, one which is sure to continue into the New Year.

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